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The Mel-Tones ‎- Surf! Spy! Space! (2006)

The Mel-Tones, un gran grupo de surf contemporáneo. ¡Son lo que su título indica, no engañan a nadie! Muchos de estos temas se pueden escuchar brevemente como música incidental en la serie de dibujos animados Bob Esponja, además de en muchos otros programas de televisión.

En esta reseña editorial tenéis un poco de información:
"Editorial Reviews
Product Description
Surf guitar rock with a twang (includes songs from Nickelodeon's SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS). Many of these songs are heard in hit TV series SpongeBob Squarepants (Nickelodeon) and other TV shows and films. In the style of The Ventures and Dick Dale.
Their material has a real surf and Hawaii tone to it. The group can also be raucous and there's plenty to choose from in that idiom. A pile of originals take a while to get used to, but these are very well done and will give listeners a chance to hear some fine riffs and edgy drumming and bass - and 19 tracks, in the car CD player, will shorten the longest journey we suspect. The bonus is a number of cuts from Spongebob Squarepants usually only heard briefly in the show over episode intros or scene changes. Experiencing the full versions is a treat. --New Gandy Dancer ("The World's Longest Running Rock Instrumental Magazine" (based in the UK))
Dans les profondeurs de l'hiver, il y a la SENSATION de PLANER! (Out of the deep of winter, there is the sound of a SURF SENSATION!) The Mel-tones brought warmth to the darkest winter nights with sounds reeking of sea salt, sun-tan lotion and surfboard wax. Their music explodes in a sun-drenched reverie. Like the many moods of a brooding ocean, The Mel-tones music can rise like the wild surf at the cusp of day, lap gently on the shore, with the promising laugh of a wistful wahine, hint at the mournful mysteries of the deep or balance gallantry and greed. And yet, the sounds of The Mel-tones range far from the sea itself as well. There's the drama of a high-plains showdown, the international intrigue and innuendo, and the potential for a titanic temblor. And of course, the martial-arts mania. Yes, The Mel-tones show that the surf is in the heart and the soul, and these 19 tracks are ample proof. If you've ever found yourself hankering to hula, longing for a luau, or dreaming of the perfect wave, sit back and enjoy as The Mel-tones bring you the SURF SENSATION. Jean-Michel Dérangez --Radio CJYZ, Coeur de Vache, QC"

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Twice Upon A Time; Siouxsie And The Banshees Music Videos

Otra estupenda descarga via Colección de videoclips de Siouxsie &The Banshees.

Traducción del blog: "Esto es de una cinta de video de 1992 titulada Twice Upon A Time. La primera descarga es de 153MB y contiene Fireworks, Slowdive, Dear Prudence, Dazzle, Cities In Dust y Candyman. La segunda descarga es de 241MB y contiene This Wheel's On Fire, The Passenger, Peek-A-Boo, The Killing Jar, The Last Beat Of My Heart, Kiss Them For Me, Shadowtime, Fear (Of The Unknown) y Face to Face. Algunos de ustedes realmente pueden querer esto."

Part 1

Part 2

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