jueves, 16 de abril de 2015

Hard-Ons reeditados y con una gran cantidad de bonus trax!!!

En el blog Under The Surface Dave Ballantyne ha tenido a bien poner las reediciones de los cuatro primeros trabajos del genial y divertido trio australiano Hard-Ons, y como él mismo nos explica, cada disco es un doble CD con MOGOLLÓN de bonus, una gran oportunidad completista para los que somos fans de la banda:
"I just discovered this week that Citadel records keepers of the garage/punk flame in Australia had since 2012 been reissuing massively expanded editions of the early Hard-Ons material these reissues are apparently a series of 5 and so far 4 have seen the light of day now i could have hung around waiting on the 5th before doing this post but these 1st 4 expanded versions cover the entire period of Hard-Ons from when i originally heard them ( Their early singles and debut mini album "Smell My Finger" 1985) up to the point where i stopped following them ("Yummy" 1991) not that they disappeared in 1991 or started making shit records they just kinda seemed to become a bit less popular and a bit quieter globally as i say they have continued to release  great records all the way from then up to 2010's "Alfalfa Males Once Summer Is Done Conform Or Die" however it's the 1985-1991 period that holds the most interest to me because i was there at the time they were released.
So the reissues well the albums covered are "Smell My Finger" (1986) "Dickcheese" (1988) "Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded Hearts" (1989) and "Yummy" (1991) however each album has been expanded beyond what any fan of any band could ask for, each double CD contains anything from 51 tracks at shortest to 66 tracks at longest these 4 reissues pretty much cover every scrap of released and unreleased material from this entire period including every single and EP  every Session and a ton of live stuff to boot! I have done my research and believe me NOTHING is missed plus it's all remastered as well!!"

Smell My Finger - Mediafire

Dickcheese - Mediafire

Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded Hearts - Mediafire

Yummy! - Mediafire

Por cierto, ya de paso voy a decir que en su segunda visita a Palma de Mallorca, no recordamos si en el 2003 o en el 2004 (maldito alzheimer...), tuvimos el honor de telonearlos la banda en la que yo me encontraba entonces, Dr. Doom. Hard-Ons eran muy sanos, muy majos y simpáticos y nos regalaron unas camisetas que aún conservamos, por supuesto (bueno, menos el batería, porque algún hijo de puta se la robó).

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