sábado, 13 de septiembre de 2014

Kill a Punk for Rock N Roll (v.a.)

En Ghetto Blasters and Switchblades encontramos este recopilatorio ilustrado con la foto original que utilizaron Oblivians para su disco "Popular Favorites". Es una foto bastante divertida de Marty Perez, con estos putos rednecks antipunks, ¡jajaja!

  1. Gary Glitter- Hello, Hello I'm Back Again!
  2. The Dead Boys- All This and More
  3. The Heartbreakers- Let Go
  4. The Replacements- I'm In Trouble
  5. The Dirtbombs- I'll Be In Trouble
  6. The Reatards- Listen To My Heart
  7. Death- Rock N Roll Victim
  8. Harlem- I'm On Drugs
  9. The Stooges- Real Cool Time
  10. The Cramps- TV Set (demo)
  11. Crime- Baby, You're So Repulsive
  12. X (Australia)- Halfway Around The World
  13. The Immortal Lee County Killers- Let's Get Killed
  14. Vincas- Dead and Alone
  15. Ty Segall- Happy Creeps
  16. The Dwarves- In and Out
  17. The Black Lips- Ain't Comin' Back
  18. Mudhoney- Suck You Dry
  19. Cheater Slicks- Please Give Me Something
  20. Thee Headcoats- I'm Hurting
  21. Royal Trux- The Flag
  22. Dead Moon- DOA
  23. The Hard Ons- Bye Bye Girl
  24. The Saints- Memories Are Made Of This
  25. The Scientists- Teenage Dreamer
  26. The Reigning Sound- She's Bored With You
  27. BBQ- C'Mon and Love Me
  28. The Gruesomes- Out Of My Mind
  29. The Mummies- She Lied
  30. Flat Duo Jets- Please, Please Baby
  31. The Drags- Teenage Invasion
  32. Demon's Claws- Laser Beams
  33. Mind Spiders- World's Destroyed
  34. Roman Polanski's Baby- Summer Daze
  35. Turf War- Where I Belong

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