martes, 10 de septiembre de 2013

Blondie - 1st/Plastic Letters/Parallel Lines/Eat To The Beat/Best Of (Discography on Surfadelic)

¡Dénseme prisa, señor=s! ¡Que Mr. Eliminator ha resubido la discografía de Blondie! ¡Viva Debbie Harry, su banda y la madre que los parió!

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Mr.Eliminator dijo...

Hi Rafa, glad you dig Blondie. Did you heard Spanish version of "Call me" on Ep. Check it out, Cheers!

Rafa Murillo dijo...

I remember when I was a kid if I got to hear "Call Me" in Spanish. For me it was like the first time ...! Thanks!

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Comment or go to hell!!!